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We Hosted An Uncategorized Beauty: Kate MOSS…

The Vogue US Magazine covered Istanbul in 12 pages under the "Silk Road" title on December 2103 issue. The Armada Boat was preferred for the intercity transport and excursions of Kate Moss and the team during the photographing works

The world renowned British model Kate Moss and award winning actor Chiwetel Ejiofor appeared as the duo explore the vibrant hotspots dotted around Istanbul in Vogue US's December 2013 issue. During three days of capturing that lay emphasis on Istanbul's cultural richnesses in September 2013in order to gain time within Istanbul heavy traffic, Kate Moss and her team preferred the Armada Boat for transportation and their excursions. Kate Moss, the team, the world renowned photographer, Mario Testino also sailed to the Bosphorus for two consecutive dinners by Armada Boat too.

September 22, was the day for capturing Istanbul from the sea through the Armada Boat. To show the Historical Peninsula was important here not only for the Vogue but also for us too. Nevertheless, one of the shots was chosen as the first picture and published under the title "Sail Into Sunset" (see the one on the right upper corner above).  Kate Moss and the team most enjoyed the 5 o'clock tea and the flourless chocolate cake those were prepared by the Armada Hotel kitchen. On the evening, for an "after-party" held in a historical house in Kandilli, the Armada Boat took the same group to the Bosphorus again. On the way back, our Boat hosted the last celebration of this tremendous Istanbul project by popping up champagne! 

(In order to see the original pages of the photos please click: Vogue US 

We thank to Ms. Funda Dagli, the ever-caring Coordinator of the Armada Boat, -the one on the right in the picture in left corner above- who accompanied Kate Moss and the team every day and night…)  

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